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The Nexus NIS®-5 Neutral Displacement Technology (accessed with plastic blunt cannula) is engineered and designed to reduce blood reflux upon connection and disconnection.     
Nexus NIS®-5 Neutral Displacement Technology Overview
Nexus NIS®-5 Neutral Displacement Technology is engineered and designed to reduce blood reflux upon connection and disconnection. Nexus NIS®-5 is the perfect choice for short term use in areas such as Emergency room, out-patient surgery, labor and delivery or where the need for Nexus TKO®-5 Anti-Reflux technology is not selected.        Nexus NIS®-5 is the only Neutral Displacement Technology solution designed for use with plastic cannula and offers your patients a new level of safety and protection against unwanted catheter occlusions.  Nexus NIS®-5 provides Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™
Our patented Tri-Seal™ design with Slit-Lock™ technology is designed into all of our Needle free devices. The Nexus Tri-Seal™ design provides Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™   The Nexus NIS®-5 Tri-Seal™ design with Slit-Lock™ technology has been validated with 3-separate bacteria (S. aureus, S. epidermis and E. coli) by an outside GLP laboratory using a 96-activation protocol with non-locking cannula.
First Level of Protection:                          Second Level of Protection:           Third Level of Protection:
A 360° compressed seal proven to provide a safe and effective microbial barrier protection between the septum and the needle-free connector housing
A smooth, easy to disinfect septum surface, promotes a safe and effective microbial barrier.
The Slit-Lock™ septum protects the internal fluid path from microbial ingress while luer is activating
1. Jarvis, W.  Choosing the best design for the Intravenous needleless connection to prevent HA-BSI’s.  Infection Control Today, 2010 Aug. 2. GLP-Study, Nexus TKO®, 96-Activation Microbial Barrier Performance Study, on file at Nexus Medical LLC, 3. Lab results on file at Nexus Medical, LLC, 4.  Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections. (May 17, 2010, on file
Nexus NIS®-5 Neutral Displacement Technology
Neutral displacement technology reduces blood reflux3 Only neutral displacement technology which uses blunt plastic cannula Flat septum surfaces provide microbial ingress protection2 No change in practice Minimizes blood reflux into catheters3
Nexus NIS®-5 Provides Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™
Nexus NIS-5® Neutral Displacement technology is designed to protect against blood reflux into the tip of the catheter.  The innovative technology found in or Tri-Seal™ design provides a level of Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™ not found in older split septum technologies.     
Flat swabable septum surface for easy and effective cleansing1 A Slit Septum is a preferred design feature for needle free connections 1,4  Direct, clear rigid fluid pathway1,4 96-activation study validates the Nexus NIS®-5 microbial barrier protection
Nexus NIS®-5 Tri-Seal™ design provides 3-Levels of Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™:
Nexus NIS®-5 Technical Specifications:
Nexus NIS®-5 Clinical Evidence
When not accessed, the Nexus Tri- Seal™ design forms a safe and effective microbial barrier
Our Slit Lock™ Technology  forms an Invisible Slit  Seal providing  Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7™ 
The Slit-Lock™ septum remains sealed until fully compressed deep inside the fluid path. (Self-Opening Slit Septum)
Nexus NIS®-5
Nexus NIS®-5 Product Literature
Nexus NIS®-5 Tri-Seal™ design provides Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™
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